I'm in in the process of updating my site but I want to keep it 'live' in the meantime, so somethings might be confusing or out of place, but we'll get there! Thanks! 

Howdy, I’m Garth Blomberg and was born in rural North Dakota and largely raised in the Metropolis of Minot, North Dakota. There wasn’t graphic design agencies in those parts of the country at that time in history and yet it was a breeding ground for some of the most creative people I know. So how did I get here? Growing up, often lost in imagination, looking at magazines, album artwork and staring at the grain cars of the trains that lumbered along the Great Northern Railway I was drawn to the images and the messages but had no idea then what it was or why. 
Escaping to Minnesota State University of Moorhead and hanging out a punk shows and skateboarding around, I became fast friends with many kids in the Art Department and discovered graphic design. I played music and I designed graphics until graduation when I again escaped to the “nearest-biggest” city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 
Since working professionally in Minneapolis I’ve worked in publication at the now defunct satirical newspaper company, interned at a small 1 woman agency, spent many years as an in-house designer for an exciting CRAFT beverage ingredient company, and now have spent the last couple years operating a boutique agency under the most unique name I’ve ever known, “Garth Blomberg” (where do they come up with this stuff?)
I take a lot of pride in being forthright and I'm passionate about my work. Great design gives me chills and I love talking about it and brain storming with my clients. If you're up for the ride, let's go.
Garth Blomberg
Graphic Designer
Minneapolis, MN, USA
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